Complete student life cycle is managed by an efficient and prompt team.

Student Support

Our student support team cultivates a reliable relationship early on with students enrolled in the program, improving sales cycle retention, allowing for timely issues management and building a trust that extends throughout the student's experience thereby increasing overall retention.

Compliance and Grievances

Any escalated issues regarding enrolment, certification, dispatch, assignments, exam, fees and academics are resolved under due guidance by the support team.

Alumni Services

Happy students are the most influencing elements of the ecosystem. An alumni service is the best practice to hold students together and inspire new batches. We encourage interaction between our alumni and the new batches.

Placement Services

Placement support is offered through its dedicated web portal. Several services are offered including job postings from 300+ listed companies, resume writing, cover letter writing & job applications, practical advice while seeking employment, identification of fields and industries which are best suited for our students.