Market feasibility is done to understand student behaviour and demand. A thorough understanding of the target market based on student and industry requirement, area of interest and career prospects is done to ensure market permeate.

Having identified the potential market, we ensure our partners are equipped to handle the expansion in terms of enrolments and other key essentials. We support our academic partners for program scalability, admissions processes and all areas of student support services.

In addition we perform a program readiness assessment prior to or in conjunction with the institutional readiness assessment to ensure program curriculum is optimised for quality outcomes.

Along with the experience of launching and running more than 154 successful online programs, we have developed a deep-rooted reputation for using high-level market research to reduce risk and deliver predictable results. We thoroughly scrutinize the online marketplace and gather a useful data in advance of any program initiation. The study yields a detailed report, which furnishes a probable enrolment model featuring lead and conversion rates projected term-by-term.