What is the value of working with UTS rather than doing this on our own?

UTS is the pioneer in marketing, student counselling, admissions and complete academic solution provider of online learning. We've spent significant time for building and perfecting these services and have developed an impressive infrastructure and staff. Most universities and institutes do not have the expertise or resources needed to replicate the services we provide. As competition continues to grow more intense, many organisations find that successfully addressing all the requirements needed to launch an online program to be an overwhelming task, which often distracts them from their core mission of delivering a quality academic experience.

What is UTS looking for in potential Academic Partners and/or new programs?

We partner with institutions that sincerely want to be in online education, and want to expand their outreach in the educational world. Our ideal partners are committed to maintaining high academic standards, yet are entrepreneurial in terms of educational delivery. They recognise that success in the online learning arena means being flexible, market-driven, and performance-based. Before we start, we will conduct a thorough assessment process and share with you our best strategic recommendations for high-potential programs and institutional readiness. We will make our mutual decision to partner based on evidence-based research and experience

Do faculty members design their own courses, select their own textbooks and maintain academic freedom?

The university and its duly appointed representatives are responsible for the academic integrity of the program. Their regional and professional accrediting bodies determine the academic standards of all programs, including online programs. Faculty are responsible for creating the course curriculum, selecting materials, designing learning activities, and assessing student learning.

What is your academic model? Do we have to conform to that model?

We work on the 'University First Model' that implies providing services customised as per each university / institutes requirements. We offer complete conceptualisation and designing of university / institute’s micro websites to provide trendy, user-friendly and interactive platforms. Powerful planning supports optimisation of the student-admission function for universities. Campaigns and events are conceptualised using various platforms by providing a 360 degree learner's enhancement to the students.

Who builds and maintains the online classroom?

UTS has a team that is well-versed in online pedagogies. They work closely with faculty members to design, develop and deploy online course.

How are students oriented and supported?

Student support begins at the first contact with the prospective student and ends when he or she graduates from the program. Our academic counsellors are in regular telephone and email contact with individual students to answer questions, provide information and counsel them on what it takes to be successful as a online learning student. They orient students to the program and assist them with all necessary details.

How are prospective students reached for counselling and admissions?

This answer varies with every program and partner. The extensive research we perform prior to signing a partnership agreement includes information on how best to reach the target audience. These channels include web advertising, direct mail, telephonic calls, live chat and a plethora of other areas and tactics. But it is assured; we definitely understand how and where to find qualified students for admissions. We also test and revise our strategies to ensure maximum student enrolment.

What study material do the enrolled students receive?

Students enrolled for various programs receive access credentials for our LMS. All the study material, exercises and assignments are ready to use on the LMS. Additionally, students also receive study material in a hard copy format, which is promptly dispatched by our dispatch section.

What additional learning resources can the students avail?

Once enrolled, students can use the e-library. The e - library provides a range of over 600 freely accessible reference books, a number which is constantly growing. Books for students are focused and to the point. They are all written by highly respected professors from top universities in the world and cover topics such as economics, statistics, IT, engineering, natural science and management science, communication etc.